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Institute of Mathematics CAS goes for HR Award
implementation of the professional HR management

Project progress - travels

17.6.-24.6.2023 Jose Barrientos, Postdoc Fellow

     conference: Geometric Foundations of Gravity 2023, Institute of Physics, University of Tartu, Estonia
     lecture: Constructing accelerating NUT black holes (19.6.2023)
     organizing institution: University of Tartu, Estonia

19–21.4.2023 Beata Kubiś, Scientific Manager


6-9.12.2022 Beata Kubiś, Scientific manager

     Innovative Horizon Europe Proposal Writing Training, Vienna, Austria

29.10.-18.11.2022 Tomáš Málek, Researcher

     conference: Gravity at UdeC/UTA 2022: Black Holes, Holography and Beyond, Concepción, Chile
     lecture: Exact radiative solutions of infinite derivative gravity (02.11.2022)
     organizing institution: Universidad de Concepción, Chile

26.10.-18.11.2022 Vojtech Pravda, Researcher

     conference: Gravity at UdeC/UTA 2022, Black Holes, Holography and Beyond, Concepción, Chile
     lecture: Universal and almost universal spacetimes (07.11.2022)
     organizing institution: Universidad de Concepción, Chile

26.10.-12.11.2022 Jose Barrientos, Postdoc Fellow

     conference: Black holes, Holography and Beyond, Universidad de Concepción, Concepción, Chile
     lecture: Joule-Thomson expansion of AdS black holes in quasitopological electromagnetism (05.11.2022)
     organizing institution: Universidad de Concepción, Chile

1-7.10.2022 Amiran Gogatishvili, Researcher

     conference: International Conference on Function Spaces and Applications, Apolda, Germany
     lecture: Almost-compact and compact embeddings of variable exponent spaces (2.10.2022)

4-10.9.2022 Bangwei She, Researcher

     conference: ApplMath22 11th Conference on Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing
     lecture: Convergence analysis of a MAC scheme for the compressible Navier-Stokes system (6.9.2022)
     organizing institution: University of Zagreb, Brijuni, Croatia

28.8.-3.9.2022 David Chodounský, Researcher

     conference: European Set Theory Conference 2022
     lecture: Reaping families in generic extensions (29.8.2022)
     organizing institution: University of Turin, Italy

27.8.-3.9.2022 Marcello Ortaggio, Researcher

     conference: EREP 2022 Spanish-Portuguese Relativity Meetings
     lecture: Universal Einstein-Maxwell Solutions (2.9.2022)
     organizing institution: Universidad de Salamanca, Spain

16-26.8.2022 Christopher Lambie-Hanson, Researcher

     conference: Young Set Theory Workshop 2022
     lecture: Some applications of covering matrices (25.8.2022)
     organizing institution: University of Novi Sad, Serbia

14-29.8.2022 Alena Pravdová, Researcher

     conference: EWM General Meeting 2022
     lecture: Black holes and other solutions to quadratic gravity (22.8.2022)
     organizing institution: Aalto University, Espoo, Finland

4-9.7.2022 Neil Dillip Thapen, Researcher

     conference: Mathematical Approaches to Lower Bounds: Complexity of Proofs and Computation
     lecture: A simple strong tradeoff between height and size in resolution (6.7.2022)
     organizing institution: ICMS, Bayes Centre, Edinburgh, UK

3-9.7.2022 Emil Jeřábek, Researcher

     conference: Mathematical Approaches to Lower Bounds: Complexity of Proofs and Computation
     lecture: Elementary analytic functions in VTC0 (8.7.2022)
     organizing institution: ICMS, Bayes Centre, Edinburgh, UK

12-16.6.2022 Amiran Gogatishvili, Researcher

     conference: Workshop on Analysis and PDEs
     lecture: Compact embeddings in variable exponent spaces (13.06.2022)
     organizing institution: University of Sussex, UK

15-25.5.2022 Hong Van Le, Researcher

     conference: Mathematical Concepts in the Sciences and Humanities
     lecture: Categorical language and geometric methods in Machine Learning (20.5.2022
     organizing institution: Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig, Germany

11-16.11.2021 Tristan Bice, Researcher

     conference: GroupoidFest 2021
     lecture: Noncommutative Pierce Duality (13.11.2021)
     organizing institution: University of Colorado Colorado Springs, USA

17-31.10.2020 Beata Kubiś, Scientific Manager

     Consultations with institutions with HR Award: Instytut Matematyczny PAN (IM PAN), Poland

11-13.11.2020 Jan Komenda, Researcher

     conference: 15th Workshop on Discrete Event Systems WODES 2020
     lecture: Modeling of safe time Petri nets by interval weighted automata (12.11.2020)
     organizing institution: Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil